08 October 2010

g a m b l i n g s u c k s

just came back fromALI CAFE with halim.. having our supper there..
while walking to go back home.. i asked halim to accompany me at home.. because all my housemate went back to their parents house and their lover's house...halim said ok.. but 1st we have to go to his house.. because he left his laptop at balcony.. i said ok.. on the way.. he said we have to go to Killiney's hostel 1st.. because he want to pickup his panadol.. so i said ok again..when we entered the hostel.. i saw acap, usop and taufiq at the living hall..but i cant see what they are doing.. azhar was slept already.. when i came closer.. i saw they were playing cards.. GAMBLING with coins.. a lot of 10sen, 20sen and 50sen coins.. i watched them played..then i said i want to try.. so i lend rm1 from acap.. n we played.. n guess what.. i WON.. RM4.. so pay back acap RM1 n i have my RM3.. after that they played new game.. i watched again n try it.. ermm.. i lose for several time.. n then i won..BIG BIG won.. i got around RM6-7.. then we played some more..i lose but this time its a BIG BIG lose -.- n now i owe taufiq 50sen.. all my coins are gone -.-" damn it.. now wonder gambling is forbidden.. arrggh i lose my money.. all my coins are gone.. no more coins to buy cigarettes ..

mood : i am a LOSER -.-"
p/s : dont gambling because u gonna burn ur money -.-"


hurmm.. 2day is my 1st day at Ban-j
so how was it?
so far so good..
simple jer keje.. hurmm closing pun tak la parah mana.. lite lite jer..
tak se"heavy" killiney..
ok la.. budak kerje sana pun da kenal skit2...

btw td B + D datang.. ngan meon.. hurm.. nothing much to say..
chit chat a bit.. and that's it..
rindu.. but somehow..
that feeling was cut off by the fact that i already got a new bf.. and i am happy with him..
B even said.. "if u r happy.. im happy too.. kowt".. what can i do B.. when i with you.. you dont know how to win my heart.. u left me.. u didnt take care of me.. now.. i belong to sum1 that really care bout me, luv me.. n i guess its my job to do the same thing to him.. im gonna lurve him with all my heart.. sorry B..
but, thx.. cause spend the time with me..
its been a long time since we had this kind of conversation..
i kinda miss it :)

1.08 am
mood : KLMJ

07 October 2010

here we go again

here we go again.. semester break..
damn fucking bored..
as usual.. all my housemate went back to their parents house..
only fiz n i staying here..
luckily this time i got my bie here :)
not so bored.. hehehehe :P

but then when he go to work.. n if i was on leave.. that will be bored.. n what else to do?
watching TV and on9.. that's all :) hurmm..
i kinda miss all my friends n housemate..
n suddenly this morning.. the sounds of "SEPI by YUNI SAHARA" was played around my head.. so i ;og on my FB and updated my status.. idk why.. that song keep played through my head..
i guess i miss them all.. :)

my friend, elly.. gone back to "her" new house at bukit jalil.. so i was left alone here..
life kinda bored without "her" because "she"'s the 1 that keep make me laugh..i still remember that day we (myself, elly and kiddo) playing with cockroach... we laugh till our cheek feel pain n our stomach became stiff.. that was so damn funny and fun! hurmm but now.. rite now i was sitting alone in front of the PC .. elly i mish u!

mood : bored

it's hard to say gudbye.. but i've to :`(

its been a while since last i updated my blog..
tiada mood untuk berblog..
ermm but then.. iszraf asiraf asked me.. " u buat ape jer sorang2 kat rumah? pergilah update blog!"
hurmm.. tah la.. idk what happen.. im not the one i used to be.. i guess time change n so do people.. rite? huuhuh

2day is my last day at KILLINEY.. i have to go..for better purpose..
at 1st it was okay... until DIN salam n hug me! =.= omg.. i never thought it will be this tough for him.. we kinda close.. but as workmate.. not more than.. ok! im lying.... haha i mean, not in serious relationship la.. its was more like joke..playing n flirting around.. hurmm.. halim told me before.. when i said i want to quit.. DIN was so worry.. because.. when i gone, there will be no one that he can depends too.. i was the only 1 that he can command to do anything without having the "bossy" thingy..n sometimes..he didnt have to ask me..to do thing because i'll do it myself..its not that i try to "bangga diri".. but that's the fact.. :)

before i ends my work there.. i wrote a note to din n put it at the order place.." to : din, mok sorry sangat.. bukan taknak. tapi terpaksa.. ala.. tak jauh pun.. nanti kita lepak sama k.. gonna miss u all.. x.o.x.o -ej-" i wonder what's his reaction when he read it 2morow.. huhuh.. seriously..i love to work there..but..when i think logically.. its a waste if i continue working there.. so i made my decision..to archive my goal :) XPERIA X10 mini.. :) cant wait hehehehe..

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