07 October 2010

it's hard to say gudbye.. but i've to :`(

its been a while since last i updated my blog..
tiada mood untuk berblog..
ermm but then.. iszraf asiraf asked me.. " u buat ape jer sorang2 kat rumah? pergilah update blog!"
hurmm.. tah la.. idk what happen.. im not the one i used to be.. i guess time change n so do people.. rite? huuhuh

2day is my last day at KILLINEY.. i have to go..for better purpose..
at 1st it was okay... until DIN salam n hug me! =.= omg.. i never thought it will be this tough for him.. we kinda close.. but as workmate.. not more than.. ok! im lying.... haha i mean, not in serious relationship la.. its was more like joke..playing n flirting around.. hurmm.. halim told me before.. when i said i want to quit.. DIN was so worry.. because.. when i gone, there will be no one that he can depends too.. i was the only 1 that he can command to do anything without having the "bossy" thingy..n sometimes..he didnt have to ask me..to do thing because i'll do it myself..its not that i try to "bangga diri".. but that's the fact.. :)

before i ends my work there.. i wrote a note to din n put it at the order place.." to : din, mok sorry sangat.. bukan taknak. tapi terpaksa.. ala.. tak jauh pun.. nanti kita lepak sama k.. gonna miss u all.. x.o.x.o -ej-" i wonder what's his reaction when he read it 2morow.. huhuh.. seriously..i love to work there..but..when i think logically.. its a waste if i continue working there.. so i made my decision..to archive my goal :) XPERIA X10 mini.. :) cant wait hehehehe..

selembut sutera

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