07 October 2010

here we go again

here we go again.. semester break..
damn fucking bored..
as usual.. all my housemate went back to their parents house..
only fiz n i staying here..
luckily this time i got my bie here :)
not so bored.. hehehehe :P

but then when he go to work.. n if i was on leave.. that will be bored.. n what else to do?
watching TV and on9.. that's all :) hurmm..
i kinda miss all my friends n housemate..
n suddenly this morning.. the sounds of "SEPI by YUNI SAHARA" was played around my head.. so i ;og on my FB and updated my status.. idk why.. that song keep played through my head..
i guess i miss them all.. :)

my friend, elly.. gone back to "her" new house at bukit jalil.. so i was left alone here..
life kinda bored without "her" because "she"'s the 1 that keep make me laugh..i still remember that day we (myself, elly and kiddo) playing with cockroach... we laugh till our cheek feel pain n our stomach became stiff.. that was so damn funny and fun! hurmm but now.. rite now i was sitting alone in front of the PC .. elly i mish u!

mood : bored

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