08 October 2010


hurmm.. 2day is my 1st day at Ban-j
so how was it?
so far so good..
simple jer keje.. hurmm closing pun tak la parah mana.. lite lite jer..
tak se"heavy" killiney..
ok la.. budak kerje sana pun da kenal skit2...

btw td B + D datang.. ngan meon.. hurm.. nothing much to say..
chit chat a bit.. and that's it..
rindu.. but somehow..
that feeling was cut off by the fact that i already got a new bf.. and i am happy with him..
B even said.. "if u r happy.. im happy too.. kowt".. what can i do B.. when i with you.. you dont know how to win my heart.. u left me.. u didnt take care of me.. now.. i belong to sum1 that really care bout me, luv me.. n i guess its my job to do the same thing to him.. im gonna lurve him with all my heart.. sorry B..
but, thx.. cause spend the time with me..
its been a long time since we had this kind of conversation..
i kinda miss it :)

1.08 am
mood : KLMJ

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