08 October 2010

g a m b l i n g s u c k s

just came back fromALI CAFE with halim.. having our supper there..
while walking to go back home.. i asked halim to accompany me at home.. because all my housemate went back to their parents house and their lover's house...halim said ok.. but 1st we have to go to his house.. because he left his laptop at balcony.. i said ok.. on the way.. he said we have to go to Killiney's hostel 1st.. because he want to pickup his panadol.. so i said ok again..when we entered the hostel.. i saw acap, usop and taufiq at the living hall..but i cant see what they are doing.. azhar was slept already.. when i came closer.. i saw they were playing cards.. GAMBLING with coins.. a lot of 10sen, 20sen and 50sen coins.. i watched them played..then i said i want to try.. so i lend rm1 from acap.. n we played.. n guess what.. i WON.. RM4.. so pay back acap RM1 n i have my RM3.. after that they played new game.. i watched again n try it.. ermm.. i lose for several time.. n then i won..BIG BIG won.. i got around RM6-7.. then we played some more..i lose but this time its a BIG BIG lose -.- n now i owe taufiq 50sen.. all my coins are gone -.-" damn it.. now wonder gambling is forbidden.. arrggh i lose my money.. all my coins are gone.. no more coins to buy cigarettes ..

mood : i am a LOSER -.-"
p/s : dont gambling because u gonna burn ur money -.-"

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