24 October 2008

RuMaH Oh RuMaH

haiya!! lots of things happen to me lately..
some of it was superb!
some of it was terrible n annoying! i cant get rid off it u know..
hahaha... y i type this entry in english? i oso dono.. can i use broken english o not.. who cares! my blog.. hah i can do it in whatever style@language i want! right?

ermm 1st of all.. as i told u guys before.. im having my sweet time with "that person" well.. sumtimes "that person" still cant throw away the 'unpredictable acting' u know.. sumtimes very nice!..caring..funny..but suddenly everything changed! lols.. nvm.. at least the sweet time is more than the 'annoying time' we spend most of the time 2gether.. n still keep smsing each other every night.. haha u guys dont know how's those sms brings 1000 meaning to me..

secondly.. about the house that im going to rent.. well not alone la.. until today i alreay get 5 ppl who want to stay wif me at our new home.. ermm apiez,hery,dede,ustaz and isz.. ermm but the problem is.. ZzZz i oso dono la.. yesterday that en.zaki told me.. the house cost RM1100 each month..the deposit 2+1 + RM500 for the electricity n water deposit...then he call n said that the owner want us to pay RM1200 per month.. but the house is not fully furnished... they just giv a fridge... ZzZz n ask them for a washing machine.. dono la they want to give o not.. this evening..i msg abg suffian..my counselor.. ask him whether he got empty house 4 rent.. he said got.. but ermm RM180 per person..per month.. but.. fully furnished n that 1 includes the electricity n water bill.. if we take that empty house that en.zaki want to give to us.. we all must pay RM150 per month but that 1 is without the electricity n water bill.. on a 1st thought i think..RM180 is worthy la izzit..but when i ask khyra's opinion.. she say..expansive..not worthy at all..n she actually backup apiez's decision..n she keep tellin me "apiez already become a student..n he know how's student's life.." n im getting sick of that sentences..ZZzzz.. its driving me crazy.. i only got 6 days to go..n the owner didnt confirm bout the house! damn it..if i still cant get the house.. before i go there i think i will take the house that abg suffian offer.. n i dont care if i have to stay alone there with new housemate o whatever.. they all dowan move in..thats their problem..my class starts 3rd nov.. i think ill be move to s.a on 1st nov..

3rd.. about ptptn.. Zzz my mistake i admit it.. actually i thought if want to make the application i need that offer letter..after i read all the instruction..damn.. no need at all.. but when i realize that things.. its already too late.. coz that time the close date is 15 september....im so freaking blur rite now.. i need to ask abg suffian later.. i need to open SSPN account..i need to open Bank Muamalat account..n the Maybank account.. i already fill in the form for Maybank.. but dont know when ill be goin there..Zzz damn too bz..no time at all..

Tomorrow got function..need to go to maklong's house..at 10.30am.. after packing all the foods 4 the function..then we all need to go to Jonker.. the restaurant will open like usual.. ZzZz damn bored!just now..only got 1 group of customers... from 5pm until 12am.. only 1 table.. that was freaking stupid.. wasting time..n during that time.. i also dont know how many time we all..cook n eat by ourself

1 more thing..zZZz i need to set back the mms,wap,email setting for my phone.. ZzZz stupid ithcy hand..so gatal go push that reset button.. thanks god its only reset setting... not master reset.. if master reset.. ill be crying for 5 days 5 nights... haizz damn bored..dono wat to do..
i want to sleep la..

till then..take care all..

note: pls abaikan all the grammar n the spelling aites! kata broken english.. haha3..